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Saniflo Systems

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Saniflo’s macerating toilet systems work by breaking toilet paper and human waste into pieces. The system includes a blade that rotates and cuts toilet paper while liquefying feces. The water flushing into the system mixes with the waste and the force of the flush pumps it into the Drainage system in the form of a slurry.

Step by step, After flushing the toilet, foul is discharged via gravity through a rear spigot into the macerator. Once the effluent reaches a predetermined level, a micro-switch in the macerator’s pressure chamber turns on. Ordinary flapper like check valves on the side inlets briefly close, while the macerator blade turns at 3,600 revolutions per minute, reducing waste into liquid within four seconds. The waste pumps into the Drainage system through a 1 inch diameter standard pipe. Once all of the foul pumps out, the micro-switch automatically turns off. Non-return valves in the macerator keep any back flow of foul from Draining back into the system. Once the toilet fills up with water, the system is ready for another use.