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Domestic Gully

24 hour drain repairs Bradford

Domestic gully Drains are found around your property to take water from around your property such as rainwater, kitchen waste, bath wast, basin waste and shower waste.

A gully Drain is basically a running trap to an extent meaning that the bottom of the gully Drain is always full of Drainage water to stop smells from the Drains coming back up into your property thus making a smell, a gully Drain will also catch and stop a reasonable amount of debris in the bottom bowl which in term stops the debris from escaping further down the Drain and causing the Drains to block and overflow.

If you find that your gully Drain is blocked the best way to unblock the gully Drain is to remove the debris from the bottom bowl of the gully Drain freeing the outlet, if after this you still find the gully Drain is blocked it may be due to the kitchen, shower or bath and basin waste which may have caused the gully Drain to become blocked further downstream.

If you find the gully Drain is blocked further downstream give SOS Bradford Drainage a call and have the gully Drain unblocked at half the price of national companies.